The Most Beautiful Sun
A psychedelic indie exploration from a southern Italian pack. A resounding dive into tight beats and echoey melodic structures with a distinct pop drive.
Trio born in the south of Italy delivering refined and romantic electronic.
Soul Island
Italian born songwriter and producer, punk scenester in the early 90s south of Italy. Merging pop songwriting and rhythmic alt-electro with an ever nostalgic and introspective footing.
Audiovisual musician and sound artist, whose production is focused on electronic music in interconnection with new technology and visual arts.
Delta Club
London based italian producer and musician, Delta Club constructs classy sonic architectures blending acoustic and electronic research.
Charlie Davoli
The fascinating world of Charlie Davoli, who transforms his iPhone photographs into beautiful dreamlike creations.
Matilde Davoli
An intrepid acoustic and electronic experimenter, left southern Italian province for the hustle and bustle of London. Ignites her producer record with a sparkling debut solo album.