Soul Island

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Soul Island is born and grown up in the south of Italy, part of the local street scene and well deep into the skate culture of the early 90s. He fronts a few bands in his crew of very young punk/hc kids, perfecting his song writing and eventually forming the trio ‘Thousands Millions’, merging his 90s music background with a rediscovery of power pop acts from the 70s onwards.

Moves in London in 2010 where he collaborates and tours with a number of music projects and bands among which ‘Echopark’ on his record ‘Trees’ (2013) and ‘Girl With The Gun’ on ‘Ages’ (2014). All the while, he investigates new sounds gathering analog synths and audio processors, exploring different ways of producing music.

The project Soul Island kicks off with the track ‘Mother’, out with Bad Panda in 2015.

In 2018, Loyal To Your Dreams releases his first full length ‘Shards’, a collection of fragments of the artist’s inner speech on what’s intimate but also on what’s outside, from subcultures to wider global topics.