The Most Beautiful Sun
LTYDS003 Digital May 2020
A wistful walk on a sunset tinted shoreline.
The Most Beautiful Sun
Toyland // Pieces
LTYDR001 Digital February 2020
A psychedelic indie exploration from Italian pack TMBS.
Clara Tesla
LTYD005 Vinyl December 2019
A soulful journey of contemporary dreamy r&b and electro.
Soul Island
LTYD004 Vinyl, Digital December 2018
An heartfelt story of growth and feelings protection.
Mono No Aware
LTYD003 Vinyl, Digital, VR Cardboard + App November 2016
A nightly and blurry futuristic record and VR app.
Delta Club
Fortitude EP
LTYD002 Vinyl, Digital April 2016
Classy sonic structures, ethnic and electronic foundations.
Charlie Davoli
Phase In To Life
LTYDI001 Art print December 2015
Surreal visions, dreaming of a 70s psych vinyl to fit in.
Matilde Davoli
I'm Calling You From My Dreams
LTYD001 CD, Digital June 2015
Electronic dream pop gem and debut solo album.